RECAP: March 2018

Last year, March 2017, Matt & I purchased our first home 5 miles from the beach. I couldn't believe it. What the heck?! What a crazy blessing!

Since it's California, and since a turn-key home didn't sound like fun (or affordable)...

We got a wonderful FIXER UPPER!


It's already been such a journey fixing up this old 50's house. The TLC we get to invest into it, I think, makes me see it as "our home!" even more.

And let me just back that phrase up real fast... we wouldn't be ANYWHERE without the physical-labor-help of our families, who dedicate a lot of their weekends to coming over and helping us FIX IT UP ourselves!


Here's a little throw back to March of 2017 when we first bought the house!

There was this huge pantry wall RIGHT when you opened the (pretty) front door. It took up so much unnecessary space, that the first thing we decided to do was KNOCK THIS BAD BOY OUT.

Open concept, anyone? ;)

I'll show you guys a little before and after later...

But for now...

I'm so pumped on our current project: FLOORS + INSIDE DOORS.


When Matt and I sat down to think about what to do with the floors a few months ago, we realized that no previous owner had done any updating -- they were the original hard wood panels from the 50's (left photo) -- which is kinda cool! But let me tell you, there was no more life left in them! 

The wood had been refinished so many times, that it might as well have been a piece of paper left on the floor!

So replacement became the gameplan! We went with a new type of laminate floor. Why? Because

1. It can look & feel identicalto wood

 2. The durability of some laminate is outstanding (where no wood compares)

 and 3. It is more affordable than wood. 

Sorry wood :/. (Praise God for all these new options!)

It's taken Matt & our dads about 2 full weekends working nonstop to lay our new floor everywhere but the kitchen & bathrooms (where we hope to do tile)! So darn excited!

(& as for the color, I can't wait to explain our concept behind our choices in another update!)


And as for internal doors, we switched out the older for the newer:


With the new doors, we still need to paint them, hence the more matte look!

And to be honest, my heart secretly loves the old doors... so I am currently holding them hostage from the trash can, figuring out how to rescue them from a terrible fate! Just because you're old doesn't mean your life is over ;).

Thank you guys for checkin in!

More TLC updates to come! 


xx Natalie & Matt