Brian & Haley's Lifestyle Surf Session

Brian & Haley - I have so much love for you guys!! Thank God for love, surfing, and people filled with joy. Congratulations on your RECENT engagement! So thankful to share the same engagement date with you two!! Anyone checking this out --- MAKE SURE to scroll to the bottom, the sunset colors get reaaalllll good :).

xx Natalie

Lucas & Morgan's In-Home Session

These guys are the best. They're also from Georgia. They picked up everything they had and decided to move out to sunny CA a year ago. Hanging out with them in their cute beachside apartment & then running across the street to the sand to watch the sunset was such a cool glimpse into their current season of life. Lucas & Morgan, I hope the memories have been more than you could have dreamt up in this beautiful place you get to call home. I'm so glad I got to document this! Also - so glad you guys moved out here for so many reasons. :) Here are a few of my favorites, some shot on film.


Chris & Lucia's Engagement PT. 1

These two are the definition of real. We ran around the beautiful hill they live on in Ojai and swung on some swings under some big trees. Then, we drove down to Emma Wood Beach, rode bikes on the sand, and played in the sunset waves - which you will see  in part 2, coming soon! Cannot WAIT to go surfing with these two sometime ... & for their wedding this weekend in Ojai - it's going to be so beautiful. Love you Chris & Lucia! xx