Danica's Senior Portrait Shoot

Switchin' up the blog post style: we're going to go with 7 Fun-Facts about Danica's Portrait Session! (aka - a little bit more of the inside scoop behind some beautiful photos):

1. We initially thought we were headed to some tide-pools for our first location, when shortly after arrival, we realized it was high tide. Sorry, no rocks for Danica! 

2. We then turned around, found a nice little walkway a few yards away, & made lemonade out of lemons ;)

3. Danica & I embraced the situation, including all the beach-goers that would decide to stop and watch me take photos of her and her bright blonde hair (is that Gwen Stefani? Wait ... it's definitely Lady Gaga)

4. Different outfits = smooth, speedy wardrobe changes in a four-wheeled dressing room (beep beep, have a good time!)

5. Danica had the raddest wind-blown hair I've ever seen - when the sun lit it from behind, it looked like pure gold

6. Ever worn heels in the sand? She did. And she stayed on both feet - that's called talent.

7. The best part of the shoot was when she would crack up at herself. Love the humility! (Don't worry, she laughed at me too)

It was quite the honor to take my little sister's senior grad portraits. I mean, what a cool moment to capture? Seeing her genuine smile & laugh on the opposite side of the camera reminded me how significant my job is as a photographer. Capturing what makes someone beautiful - the beauty that travels from the inside out - the kind that beams out of someone's face when they get to embrace themselves fully - is an absolute reward! Seeing Danica through the lens also reminded me how significant my job is as an older sister. Over the course of our lives, she has become one of my very best friends (that also shares the same genes! wow.) Behind the camera, I want to support all that a person is; and capture more than just their physical appearance. I'll admit I think my little sister is gorgeous - but I also think most of the attractiveness comes from her heart. Reminding her with encouraging words about what's really important & helping her welcome her own goofiness into the shoot (leading by example) allowed her session to be more than just "pretty photos." It was an evening of creativity & expression, an evening of being kooky, and an evening of being friends: opening up, laughing, & connecting. I hope for every client to want to be more than a client. I hope they want to be a friend. 

Proverbs 31:30

Want to see more of Danica's session? Click on the link below!