Miguel & Savina's Family Shoot

Photography {well, lifestyle photography} is about capturing "life." Most people desire to capture the highs in life: the accomplishments, the celebratory moments, the milestones. And, most of these moments revolve around pure joy: the joining of two hearts in marriage, the advancement of one's education, the excitement of a new baby on the way, or even just the capturing of a healthy, growing family. 

A healthy, growing family. That is exactly what our friends, Miguel, Savina & FloJo {their hilarious canine friend} are. Currently, they aren't growing in number. But they're growing in a much different way - a way that usually seems irrelevant to capture on camera.

2 years ago, a very important member of their family passed away unexpectedly: Miguel's wife, Savina's mom. Their world turned on a dime. Completely & perpetually upside down. I can't even begin to fathom what kind of a crazy, heart-wrenching, mind-blowing journey they took on that evening. What kind of a spin that put on their "reality," &  what kind of motivation they had to have in order to continue to get up everyday and move forward - no matter how much it didn't seem worth it. 

Today, Miguel & Savina face life step by step. They still struggle. Unfortunately, perfect fairy-tales don't always come true in every aspect of life, but that doesn't mean joy can't be found in every situation. Challenges are presented to us in order to grow. Grow in our faith, grow in our hearts, grow in our relationships, and grow in our minds. Joy isn't a fleeting feeling, but a constant characteristic. When you decide to have joy, it can't be taken away like happiness can. Joy doesn't get rid of pain, but it provides hope. Joy comes from a decision within, instead of a short-lived, outside source {like happiness}. As rough as life can get, there can always be a silver-lining when you decide to have joy. & if you want it bad enough, you just might find it. 

Miguel & Savina want joy. & Miguel's wife had always wanted a red door. When Miguel & Savina bought their new house - they made her wish come true. They painted their new door red :). In a sense, that door on their house could represent new beginnings. Facing life, remembering the love of their wife & mom, and not being fearful of what the future holds. Miguel's wife had a powerful personality - a very gung-ho woman. That red door is a great reminder for them. I can picture her telling them not to hide from anything. To stand up, walk through that red door, and take on whatever gets thrown at them - together. To choose joy every day - even when it is unbearable. & To picture her saying {excuse my language}, "when life kicks you in the ass, you better get out there and kick it right back."

Miguel, Savina & FloJo - a healthy, growing family. Conquering. Every day. One step at a time. Real events. Real growth. Real life. 

& that, I believe, is something worth capturing. 

Congratulations to Miguel & Savina! Oh yea, & Flo :) Love you guys. xo