Maui, HI: Destination Bridal Editorial

This bridal editorial took place on a beachfront private estate on the beautiful island of Maui. 

Tying together a little bit of bridal boudoir with a little bit of tropical swimwear, the perfect destination outfit is captured. The intimate 2-piece plays a dual purpose - taking on the role as a swimsuit first, but also being the perfect little garments to wear inside or while capturing a few images for a special someone. A cute combination for any bride who loves the sea or plans to travel sea-side. 

Most of these pieces are hand crafted - including the knitted bottoms and flowery triangle top. The bridal body suits are also personally designed. Brooke Larson, creator of Salt On the Rocks, designs beautiful bridal body suits and adds touches of detail to each one. The embroidering that traces the edge of each suit is personally selected and stitched on, including the "rose" and "flower" embroidering on the body suits styled in this editorial. To turn the bodysuit into a perfect wedding gown for a warm tropical night, simply add a high-waisted skirt to create a gorgeous fit for an empire-waist dress. 

Bella Bloom Maui did a wonderful job with the florals for this beachside editorial. The greenery body-piece and crown pair nicely with the bridal swim set to give it a more stylized feel - perfect for a pre-wedding photo shoot. The bouquet holds soft colored roses, native Hawaiian flowers, and lots of greens, including baby pineapples to create an elegant-tropical look. The florals tie the entire look together as she strolls the black sand beach & wades in the calm water. Thank you Bella Bloom Maui! xx

Natalie SchuttComment