Chad & Sarah's Session

Chad & Sarah had a super unique session that took place in a great urban scape. My camera was not used to shooting people in a location like this - but dang, how cool to experience something different! I got to capture their fairly new, beautiful, Christ-centered marriage on the top of a 13 story building in downtown Long Beach. Chad & Sarah are both remarkable people, inside & out - and lead our Young Adults Group community through my church. I loved taking pictures of Chad & Sarah, because their personalities expressed themselves differently in front of the camera. Sarah was smiling & giggling right from the start (Chad's parents warned me about how photogenic she is), but Chad took a little longer to warm-up :). He claimed he didn't have a genuine smile, but when he laughed, I saw it. Slowly, the challenge of capturing both of them in a fully comfortable & natural manner was accomplished. When they were caught up in each other's eyes, they started to forget I was there, & as they started to forget about me, the moments got sweeter & sweeter. The background was absolutely breath-taking, as they stood confidently on top of the building, owning it:). We of course had a little bit of fun, too ... climbing into tight spaces next to big tanks on the edge, and dancing on top of the building, because, why not?! Love both of these individuals, separately & together. Blessed to have them in my life.