Kyle & Christine's Session

These two. Wow. I don't think I could have found a more spunky chick & loving boyfriend within 100 miles of the lighthouse we met at to capture their relationship that day. Christine is a healthy-food blogger that currently attends UC Santa Barbara, along with Kyle, her wonderful engineering man that played along with all the crazy ideas Christine & I spontaneously came up with during the shoot; one after another after another. Kyle demonstrated a ton of patience, but also a ton of laughter & gratitude for the girl he has been holding since their high school days in Palos Verdes :). The way they connected in front of the camera was so awesome & fun: you could tell they knew each other pretty deeply, as he embraced her jumping up-and-down explosions of excitement, & she took to his tender hugs & forehead presses with a genuine smile that started from her heart and left her lips. I only got to spend an hour getting to know this couple, but it felt like we had been friends for a very, very long time! It rained a little towards the end of the shoot, but hey, not even the weather could damper the joy that illuminated from their presence. Thank you for being so refreshing & rad, Kyle & Christine :).

Natalie SchuttComment