Brenna & Josh's Session

Brenna, Josh, & a hip coffee shop. What more do you need? This Valentine's session was soft, sweet, & so fun. We shared lots of laughs, as we tried to figure out ways not to disturb the other customers while shooting. I may have set up a chair to stand on in the middle of the shop and asked to borrow a few people's spaces for a minute. We only asked them to leave for a second ... {I gave the customers their spots right back, okay?!} I've learned through countless trial & error that you gotta put yourself out there to get the shot. So glad I did, & so glad I was able to spend part of my morning last week with this lovely, Christ-pursuing couple. Their 3 favorite things that Jesus gave to us by laying down His life are love, joy, & faith. Great words to remember around February 14th, and every other day, for that matter. Thank you Jesus for being the source of these 3 crazy abilities we have, you must care for us a whole lot. & thank you Brenna & Josh for letting me capture your morning coffee & devotional time! xo

Natalie SchuttComment