Rod & Lorin's Malibu Beach Wedding


A little backstory that blows my mind.

Rod + Lorin met when Lorin was 15, when she stood in line in front of a surf store to get some professional surfer’s autographs. Rod was her last autograph, & not knowing his name but thinking he was pretty cute, she remembers telling her friend, “he’s such dream. I would marry him in a heartbeat.” Fast forward a few years, and that same professional surfer moved in below her parents house— total fate. Lorin kept it cool but loved seeing him drive off to the beach in his car loaded up with surfboards. In 2006, they decided to give dating a shot, and this year on their 10 year anniversary, Rod + Lorin exchanged vows!  Rod, professionally surfing for 5 years and traveling to places like Fiji, France, & South America for competitions established his undeniable love for the ocean since high school. Lorin, growing up a southern california beach babe, had the same love— and so there was no question: Malibu beach was where it had to happen. Check out how the beautiful rainy day unfolded perfectly. Fun facts: Peyton, their beautiful little girl was their flower girl (who better?!), and lorin wore her mother's jimmy choos for "something borrowed," always wanting to walk in her mom's footsteps.  Love you rod and lorin! xx

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