Daniel & Annie's Engagement

Daniel _ Annie_s Engagement - Natalie Schutt Photography-5.jpg

Annie and Daniel are an absolute blast, love them to pieces! Their effervescent engagement session was shot on the ocean cliffs in the central coast, right after the rain! We had a small window of sunshine and clouds that evening that led to some stunning photos, and the excited energy from all three of us couldn’t have made the evening better!

I’ve known Annie since college; she is one of my favorite people that just radiates positivity from the inside out, and I am truly beyond grateful to know this woman! Meeting her fiancé Daniel for the very first time was icing on the cake -- he really is the sweetest man; one who loves her and cares for who she really is. Just watching him look at Annie during moments of goofiness sold me. These two are meant for one another. And of course, who doesn’t want their pups in the photos?! As the sun began to set we climbed a hill and played in the mustard flowers. I’m allways so floored by God’s beauty. This session was something I’ll never forget. So grateful for these two and the joy they bring me!

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