Dennis & Jennifer's 31st Anniversary

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31 Years.

Here are three cool things about my parents!

  1. They met on a blind date in Long Beach. My mom was 26. My dad was 37. I’m all about the new ways people meet each other, but what a cool thing — a blind date!? There’s something magical about the no-phone-era and the organic way people met because of it! (let’s bring it back…)

  2. They decided to run a business together shortly after they met - and still do - which says something about their personalities, work ethic, and compatibility. (I know not every day at work is perfect, but they haven’t killed each other yet!) But seriously, they inspire me with their entrepreneurial spirits and gave me the courage to not settle for a 9-5 job. They instilled in me the ability to believe in myself, work hard, and figure out my gifts + passions— which led me to start my very own business (hello lifetime career)! I owe the big dreams & continual leaps of faith to them.

  3. And the coolest thing ever: my dad and mom both found a real relationship with Jesus Christ at different points in their life — even after turning away from God, like so many of us do! They practice loving radically, being gracious, living with integrity & working hard every darn day of their lives — and it’s truly inspirational! Of course no one is perfect, including people that love & follow Jesus. However, our relationship as a family continues to grow into something more and more beautiful every day with Jesus interwoven between all of our lives! I am beyond grateful that God gave them to ME as my mom & dad, He knew exactly what I needed.

    Love you Mom + Dad, I will always treasure our sailboat evenings together & they will be included in the stories I tell my children and their children about you guys!

    Happy 31st Anniversary Xx

    Your daughter, Natalie

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