Leif & Kate's Library Wedding

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Leif & Kate's wedding was nothing short of perfectly unique & elegantly meaningful. The entire day was planned according to the hearts of the couple, & what they decided would suit them best in carrying out the covenant of marriage! Not only were leif, kate, & their families so genuine & filled with love, but all the personal details about the day made me realize what a gift it was to capture their wedding. They spoke an ample amount into my business by reminding me that I should encourage my couples to simply be themselves - because real beauty & fresh creativity is the best kind.. Absolutely in love with this day, so excited to share it with you all.  xx

Words from the bride:  “I wanted something a little bit different for my dress. While white wedding dresses are very beautiful, I’m not the biggest fan of the symbolism - & I wanted something a little more fun! I fell in love with the Truvelle gown I found at Love & Lace Bridal: it had a little bit of “bride” and a whole lot of personality."

 "Leif and I were set up on a blind date, & we hit it off right from the start! He was confident and secure, yet humble, & respected me and my calling. (I loved that!)”

"My family has a long history at APU, so our venue, The Darling Library, was a nod to that legacy. Leif and I are both alum, so it was a great way to bring it all together. Plus, we often find ourselves in deep philosophical conversations about life, faith, and theology, so we thought a library - a place dedicated to learning - would be a perfect place for the ceremony. "

"Leif and I believe the Bible teaches equality between men and women (juniaproject.com), and we wanted our wedding to reflect that. One of the ways we accomplished this was having a man and a woman officiate the ceremony together. We also read the same vows, were escorted by both parents, and instead of "giving away" the bride, both families were asked to give their blessings on our marriage. These touches really made the ceremony special, and ended up being a great way to honor our families. It was really fun to mix up tradition with a bit of creativity!"

"Both of our officiants (my dad and our friend Janelle) were battling serious illnesses when we asked them to perform the wedding. Their journeys toward healing ran parallel to our trek to the chapel. It was a difficult time, and far from perfect, but there was an indescribable joy in that room on the wedding day. God had given us a gift -  these two amazing people officiating our wedding. It was a holy moment, and I really couldn't have asked for more. Romans 12.9-13 was highlighted during the ceremony, because we believe it gets at the heart of what Christ followers are called to!"

Lief & Kate were so much fun to capture as we went around the library searching for the best spots. They laughed constantly, were so excited to be holding each other's hands, & they put up with my humor (graciously). We explored a Trolley, a rad urban backdrop, and a golden-grass covered creek bed. Hands down some of my favorite romantic shots.  

 "leif and i wanted to have a unique celebration with our families, & a coffee and cake reception was the perfect way to do that! it also didn't hurt that we have amazingly talented friends who made all the cupcakes, signs, & played their very own live music! one of my favorite touches of the afternoon was the coffee bar! my favorite coffee shop, classic coffee, set up an espresso bar and even made a special "golden chai" drink just for our wedding!”  & ps -their reception took place in an art gallery.

 "Leif & I learn from each other, lean on each other, and have a ton of fun together! He is an incredible man and I can’t believe I get to partner with him in life.”


Natalie Schutt Photography // Assist. Photo: Lillywhite Photography // Megan Elise Events // Happily Ever After Confectionary // Coffee Bar Classic Coffee // Erin Weaver Makeup //Hair Brittany Valenzuela // love & lace bridal - truvelle sierra gown // 

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