Weston & Molly's Engagement

Hanging out with weston & molly couldn't have been easier during their engagement session. They were so fun, warm, and comfortable around me that I instantly felt like they were long-lost friends. We sipped some wine, sauntered  around their 2016 wedding venue, & found the best spots to laugh & enjoy their engagement season with my trusty camera ;). So beyond excited for their wedding this September, & so ecstatic to have made 2 new friends. side note: they have an awesome love story, told by molly:

"Weston and I first met in a middle school history class. I sat in front of him and remember him as being the shyest boy in the class…he remembers me as the life of the party…go figure! Our paths crossed again in High School when our best friends began dating…we quickly became inseparable, and eight years later the rest is history!

Weston proposed to me in the Cinque Terre in Rome, Italy. He had studied abroad there during his Sophomore year of college and had always promised me that we would go back together. After a LONG 15 hour flight (with the ring tucked away in his sock) we arrived and quickly headed out for our first Italian meal. Some backstory: I had NO IDEA that this was coming. Not even an inkling. In the months leading up to our trip many friends and family suspected that it was coming, and he insisted over and over again that he wanted it to be PERFECT, and that “now just isn’t the perfect time.” He insisted to me so adamantly that this would be a really special trip, but not for that reason. I completely believed him. So I was completely blown away when he got down on one knee in front of a beautiful Roman fountain in this breathtaking square in Rome. In fact, the first words out of my mouth were “NO WAY!”…I just couldn’t believe he pulled off such a surprise! My “No Way!” quickly turned into a thousand “Yesses!” and we spent the rest of the trip celebrating our engagement.

Our hope is that the feel of our wedding is a cross between vintage elegance and rustic charm. I grew up riding horses, and immediately fell in love with the fact that our venue has this breathtaking backdrop with gorgeous horses amidst old oak trees. seriously a dream come true."

side note #2: their engagement is featured on Style Me Pretty, which makes it My very first engagement featured on the #1 wedding blog! well deserved Weston & Molly, this day was perfect. {thank you Jesus for new opportunities, warm weather, good wine, new friends, & my unbelievable job.} 

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