David & Chelsea Evan's Wedding

David & Chelsea tied the knot at the Santa Barbara Courthouse this June, & it couldn't have been a more meaningful day. Both of them, having a strong relationship with the Lord, were emanating with His peace & love throughout the entire ceremony & reception. From the beautiful words Chelsea's brother (the officiant) proclaimed about the true meaning of marriage in the outdoor center courtyard, to the speeches given about Jesus's grace & purpose in our lives, this wedding filled every guest & vendor with an inner joy - a warm, wholehearted feeling that swept over us all as we enjoyed the celebration of David & Chelsea becoming one for the glory of Our Savior. 

Fun details about the day? Chelsea - being the skilled woman she is - made her headpiece by hand. Her dress is a Sottero & Midgley, with added sleeves and a French Bustle (many more pieces to tie up, creating a pattern with many more folds in the lush fabric). For David & Chelsea's first Dance, David's 2 sisters sang "If I Ain't Got You," as the guests watched in tears and smiles. The guest book was also very creative: each guest wrote a note to the couple on a square piece of fabric, and put it in their adventure suitcase. Later, these squares would be sewn together to make a wedding day quilt - with all the love & memories stitched right in! All these details & more were gorgeous, but my absolute favorite part of the wedding was a small detail about the couple themselves. I got to watch David & Chelsea get up first during dinner, only to walk behind the buffet line to serve everyone before themselves. Their selflessness & love radiated the entire day, & that is what made this wedding one I will never forget. Congratulations David & Chelsea! Glory to God for your wonderful marriage. xoxo

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